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Information, Networking, Events

The Camberwell Network is an independent social enterprise and online portal of information, events and networking for people who live, work or network in Camberwell (Camberwellians), Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Started by Founder and Director Sue Ellson on 23 November 2012, it was launched in Camberwell, Melbourne on 19 December 2012.

To provide information, events and networking for all people from all backgrounds who live, work or network in Camberwell, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

  • to publish relevant news, events and networking opportunities that are hosted in the Camberwell area (and parts of Hawthorn East that run along Burke Road or a short way along Camberwell or Riversdale Roads) via an email newsletter that is distributed once a month and on social media
  • to host a monthly facilitated networking event called 'Camberwell Networkers' on the Third Wednesday of every month at Elyros, 871 Burke Road, Camberwell 3124 between 5:30pm and 7:00pm (updated in 2017 to include an appropriate theme each month)
  • to publish details of local enterprises in Camberwell on the Camberwell Network website (including their website, Facebook, LinkedIn Company, Twitter and Instagram details)
  • to make use of existing resources in new and creative ways
  • to remain relevant, current and easy to understand for all Camberwellians and people visiting Camberwell
  • provide advocacy for Camberwellians through relevant publications, submissions, enquiries, representations, media channels etc to improve opportunities for people who live, work or network in Camberwell
  • to continue to develop the local social and business capital of the Camberwell area

Target Audience
  • anyone who lives, works or networks in Camberwell (Camberwellians)
  • retailers, professionals and business owners or managers based in Camberwell
  • individuals and enterprises who provide services to Camberwellians
  • policy decision makers and action takers in local, state and federal government and interested enterprises and initiatives that can make a difference to outcomes for Camberwellians

To be a valued, trusted and useful resource for people who live work and network in Camberwell and increase the social and business capital of the Camberwell area by generating sustainable and environmentally friendly (low travel) business and personal relationships and networks.  

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